Home Automation with openHAB – My Setup

openHAB is a great open source solution to home automation. It allows to integrate literally any connected device from any vendor and therefore enables all kinds of devices to speak to each other through the HAB (home automation bus).

In this post, I will present my openHAB setup, i.e. which hardware, software and which bindings I use. This article is the first of a series that guides you through my entire home automation solution. The next one will be about my rules for presence detection.

openHAB and Me

Many years ago, I started with home automation as a hobby using FHEM. At a fist glance, FHEM seems a lot simpler than openHAB but is also way more limited. As the number of home automation systems grow (Intertechno, Philips HUE, MAX!), FHEM wasn’t enough and so I started to try out openHAB.

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