Migrating from Mercurial to Git (Migrating the People)

This is the second part of my “Git migration lessons learned”. In this post I will explain how moved the people from Mercurial to Git.

XKCD: How to work with Git
XKCD 1597 (https://xkcd.com/1597/)

This is the second part of my „lessons learned“ from our migration from Mercurial to Git. You can find the first part here.

Beside of the migration of the repositories itself, we kind of needed to migrate the teams also.

At first look, Mercurial and Git seem quite similar: Both are distributed version control systems, both have tags and branches and a lot of concepts are named equally.

Therefore we thought that this part would be easy, but the devil lays in detail, as always.

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A Bulk File Renaming Workflow for Alfred

iconDo you know Alfred? Alfred is one of the greatest productivity apps for Mac. And it becomes better and better with each version.

One main reason for its greatness is the powerful workflow feature which allows us to add new functionality by providing a new workflow.

I use custom workflows for many things such as storing some customized affiliate links or to control my openHAB via some key strokes. Workflows are a great possibility to add features to your Mac that it has not by default.

Recently, I missed a bulk renaming feature which allows me to rename multiple files at once by a given pattern. Of course I could have used the shell and some regular expressions. But wouldn’t it be cool to select files in the Finder and rename them just in place?

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