Babun: Cygwin done right!

Babun is a preconfigured Cygwin which greatly reduces the pain of working with Windows.

Today I would like to introduce you to a real life saver for people who are force to work on Windows systems. At my current place of work our whole company IT is based on Microsoft products and we use Windows all across the company. Furthermore, we do a lot of application development focusing on Windows clients.

Hence, Windows is the operating system of choice. No matter if I like it or not. In my spare time, I use a Mac and I really appreciate it. It is just the perfect mix of a solid Unix foundation and an awesome GUI. And it just works!

As I work a lot with Linux servers, too, I really like the shell and automate a lot of tedious tasks as well using plain shell scripts.

My favorite shell is Zsh in combination with oh-my-zsh. Unfortunately, on Windows and Windows 7 in special, there is no Unix like command line with Zsh by default.

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